Never show cooperative behaviour, you will be blocked out of your account as a "thank you" from Kraken!

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posted on December 3, 2020 10:31 AM
Been back and forth with Kraken since 29.OCTOBER when I voluntarily mentioned a possible security issue to them when I logged in. To thank me they blocked me out of my account. Ever since, I could not log in anymore. I could not log in with my user and password anymore, had to restore the password which initially didnt work. The support is sending only generic copy&paste messages and does not answer your questions... Big trouble. After one month finally i managed to change the password and login again. And what did I have to learn? I am now blocked from trading and withdrawing. All thanks to me showing cooperative behaviour and informing them about something I found was a little unusual. If you use Kraken, Its only a matter of time until you will have to deal with the incompetent support team which knows trading but not how to handle customers. For me Kraken is a thing of the past now.