Zcash (ZEC) - Refusing refund

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posted on February 3, 2021 10:16 AM
On the 09/01/2021 I wanted to sell ZEC (zcash) on the CEX.io platform. I duly logged onto the CEX.io platform and obtained the ZEC deposit address given to me by the platform. I transferred ZEC from my Jaxx wallet to the address given to me by the CEX.io platform and observed the completed confirmations on the block chain. After not seeing the balance reflecting inside the CEX.io platform I logged a call with CEX.io support and was assisted by support person by the name of 'Bobby'. I was shocked to learn that although CEX.io had received my ZEC, the CEX.io platform has apparently delisted ZEC and that they refuse to ‘recover’ my ZEC. Firstly if CEX.io had delisted ZEC, why is not expressly shown on the CEX.io platform and deposit functionality removed? As far as I am concerned CEX.io have my ZEC and must refund it back to my Jaxx wallet immediately, I have missed my opportunity to sell as I wanted to when the price hit over $100.00. This has all been very unprofessional by CEX.io and I expected more to be honest. Its fraud.