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Best cryptocurrency Exchange app

As trading crypto becomes more popular, more exchanges are starting to offer their users a mobile app to comfortably make or keep track of trades on the go. Therefore, a smooth interfaced mobile crypto exchange app that allows funds to transfer in a fraction of seconds, keep digital assets secure, brings more autonomy to the crypto industry.

Above all, when the exchange has enough liquidity to manage fast transactions, using an app for trading is a great option.

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In addition, to allow investors to make a sound choice regarding a crypto exchange, the detailed analysis of the best mobile crypto exchange applications are mentioned below:

1. Best Mobile Crypto Exchange App | Binance

best mobile crypto exchange app

Binance is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing and best crypto exchange. With one of the highest average 24 hours’ volume, the exchange offers its users utmost security, unmatched smoothness and unparalleled assistance. The exchange offers mobile applications available in both IOS and Android versions. And in our opinion, Binance has the best mobile crypto exchange app on the market today.

Binance’s mobile application offers a large number of listed pairs and provides detailed trading pallets. It also offers lucrative trading options (market-based or limit orders). Coupled with this, the exchange has partnered with a risk management firm named IdentityMind to maintain its compliance. 

24/7 chat assistance, insurance fund and huge liquidity are some of the added features which make Binance the very first choice for crypto users to use the underlying crypto exchange.


  • Low trading fees (0.1% per trade)
  • Higher liquidity
  • Insured pool of funds to use in case of hack attempts
  • Security and reliability


  • Restrictions on U.S citizens
  • Less accessibility via native currencies (cannot be linked with banks unlike Coinbase)

2. Okex

best mobile crypto exchange app

Founded in 2017 and based in Malta, the exchange is considered as one of the fastest-growing crypto exchange. It offers a smooth trading experience, on the go services, low trading fees, and exceptional chat support.

Above all, Okex has a market capitalization of USD 952 million and is the 6th largest crypto exchange. The exchange offers IOS and Android compatible mobile applications. After experiencing its mobile application for the exchange, the best feature for application which appears is the additional layer of privacy. The exchange also offers a transaction password. In addition, the mobile application also provides two-factor authentication along with an email confirmation in case of deposit and withdrawals. 

Furthermore, as far as trading is concerned, the exchange provides C2C trading, spot/margin trading, futures contract and perpetual swap (up to 100x leverage). The exchange also provides easy email assistance and online support.


  • More than 100 listed cryptocurrencies
  • Competitive trading fees
  • Smooth interface


  • Mobile application with some bugs
  • Futures trading limited only to experienced traders

3. Best Mobile Crypto Exchange App | BitMax

Firstly, Bitmax offers ultra-low fees of 0.04% per trade plus 50% discount for margin interest repayment, cross-asset margin mode, data usage rewards, risk hedging and stop losses trade options. It tries to capture the niche market for crypto futures and most importantly the margin traders. Secondly, the mobile application provides a clean user interface, with a light-colored theme, proper listed pairs and synchronized alerts. 

Thirdly, in the case of deposits and withdrawals being made, a confirmation email is sent to the user along with two-factor authentication. In addition, the best part about the mobile application is it provides margin trading and offers leverage up to 100x. This along with airdrop and reward distribution multiple cards are some of the underlying features of crypto exchange BitMax which makes it stand out in the crowd. 


  • Availability of altcoin margin trading
  • High liquidity
  • Secured transaction


  • Absence of stop losses or advanced orders
  • Mobile application having some bugs

4. Bitstamp

Constant updates and newer versions every now and then annoy any user. Similar is the case with mobile crypto exchange application users as well. The key to retaining users and traders for the long run remains in offering them a smooth interface and fewer maintenance schedules. Hence, Bitstamp offers smooth mobile applications with fewer updates and changes. 

Moreover, stop losses or trailing losses allows your exposure to get minimum and keeps your investments safe. It also exposes you to less risk in case of any volatility exhibited by the markets. The importance of stop losses becomes more evident in the crypto market which contains extreme volatility. While the option of stop trade is provided by every other crypto exchange, the availability of the same feature on the mobile crypto application is limited to a few exchanges. Here, Bitstamp exchange is one of them. 

Finally, the mobile application offers trading, deposit, and withdrawal facility, four order types, real-time charts and a variety of analytical tools. It also provides a trading view chart options which can help technical traders in reading the movement of any traded coin. The pocket-sized exchange along with secure mobile wallet provides crypto enthusiasts with a unique experience of security, comfort, and trade-on-the go feeling.


  • Bank wire and bank deposits supported
  • Supports debit/credit card transactions
  • Licensed exchange
  • Multiple order settings


  • Extensive KYC
  • Long period for account confirmation
  • Immense documentation required

5. HitBTC

Keeping everything aside, the fundamental feature which makes a mobile crypto exchange application apart from the crowd is its inherent liquidity. When a trader would be able to execute its orders easily, the trading activity on the exchange would improve. Additionally, it would also bring the exchange under the radar of media and institutions.

An exchange needs traders for better liquidity and traders only come when the exchange has good liquidity. This leads to another characteristic of the exchange, which is easy access to KYC and entry requirements. Similarly, HitBTC has become a huge hit in the crypto world due to its unique feature of promotions of alternative cryptos. Since the exchange allows easy access to all traders, it has become a favorite spot for trading activity (more commonly known as HitBTC pumps). With low trading fees of 0.20% per trade, HitBTC further attracts day-traders.

Twenty-four hours’ chat assistance, low trading fees, easy deposit and withdrawal options and secure mobile wallet are some of the additional offerings which the exchange offer. In its mobile application, HitBTC also allows the option of stop losses to keep the trading interest live and to manage risks for the users effectively.


  • Excellent customer support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Limit order available


  • Supports limited payment options


In conclusion, based on the assessment, the crypto exchange market is now becoming more competitive than ever. Mobile application for a specific crypto exchange which once was considered to be an edge now has become a necessity to retain users for the long run.

Hence, after going through the key features that a mobile crypto exchange application must have, I personally consider these five crypto exchanges for my personal investments.

Finally, remember, you are investing your money in an unstable market so the same caution that we take to choose a certain bank. Similar carefulness is required while selecting a crypto exchange. We hope that our article on the best crypto mobile app while choosing exchange has helped you decide which one you should go for.

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