10 Best Cryptocurrency Forums – [Hottest Right Now]

best cryptocurrency forums

 The crypto ecosystem is a massive industry to explore on its own, but finding information from some of the best cryptocurrency forums could be all that you need to get an insight on bitcoin and the world of digital currencies.

While there are a handful of bitcoin forums out there for crypto-related information, we have narrowed it down for you. Let’s analyze 10 of the top crypto forums that’ll help provide insights into the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Here are the 10 best cryptocurrency forums that make the shortlist:

  1. Bitcointalk
  2. BTC Reddit
  3. Bitcoin.com Forum
  4. Stack Exchange
  5. Cryptocurrencytalk
  6. Altcoinstalks
  7. Cryptorum
  8. Bitcoin forum
  9. Masters of Crypto
  10. CryptoCompare

Now, let’s begin to examine each of these forums.

1. Bitcointalk

best cryptocurrency forums

Bitcointalk Quick Stats

  • Members: 2,675,658
  • Posts: 52,642,168
  • Topics: 1,220,605

Bitcointalk is distinct in comparison to other forums. To date, it remains one of the most popular and best cryptocurrency forums available. It is originally owned and created in 2008 by the ‘father of bitcoin,’ known to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The forum has since attracted crypto enthusiasts and coin developers, where many would post their coin announcements.

As of that time, Bitcointalk was the first platform built exclusively for bitcoin discussion. Hence, the name ‘bitcointalk.’ However, as more cryptocurrencies began to spring up, the forum started to include discussions on new ICO launching. 

The forum’s discussion majorly centers on topics around mining, cryptocurrency exchanges, coin speculations, ICOs, and more. Here, crypto experts also come together to rub minds and teach newbies about bitcoin, the blockchain industry, as well as guide them on how best to get started with cryptocurrency.

1. Best Cryptocurrency Forums – BTC Reddit

best cryptocurrency forums - BTC Reddit

BTC Reddit quick stats

Sub-Reddits~Total Members

BTC Reddit is a multi-community forum that houses a large number of people from all works of life. It’s one of those super active cryptocurrency forums to find anything related to cryptocurrency. With over 3.3 million total users across boards, its within reach to realize.

Generally, though, Reddit is a web content rating and discussion-based website that attracts diverse topics, including news, books, image-sharing, and more. There, too, many coins have their dedicated subreddits that accommodate some of the world’s leading crypto experts to perform AMAs.

Due to its multi-topic structure, it would be challenging to crop up the exact figure of crypto members on Reddit. However, from Reddit’s statistics, it is deduced that crypto members count into millions.

2. Best Cryptocurrency Forums – Bitcoin.com Forum

Bitcoin.com forum quick stats

  • Members: ~81,275
  • Posts: ~202,896
  • Topics: ~53,870

Like Bitcointalk and Reddit, the Bitcoin.com forum has many active members discussing interesting topics across the boards. The forum is properly laid in such a way that it attracts different crypto enthusiasts, including blockchain experts, to connect and discuss various topics around bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

This is an excellent place for crypto beginners to learn the business. There are tons of valuable information and well-knowledgeable individuals to relate with, as well as already answered questions that can help get along with the discussion. There’s also a place specifically built for people to ask professionals any questions they want.

Additionally, the platform has an area where members can discuss in over 20 different languages on a wide variety of topics.

3. Best Cryptocurrency Forums – Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange quick stats:

  • The bitcoin section has ~72,178 total users with ~23,071 questions and answers. 
  • The Ethereum section has ~49,785 total users with ~26,753 questions answered. 

Stack Exchange is a question and answer forum launched in 2010. Above all, it is one of the most trusted online crypto forums where tech developers can learn, share knowledge, and build their careers. 

The platform is built to accommodate diverse subject-focused categories. In other words, among these are the Bitcoin and Ethereum sub-categories, where crypto members can explore questions, learn, and share knowledge about cryptocurrency. Therefore, you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for while browsing the Stack Exchange.

In each of these sections, users can use appropriate tags to find answers or even post a question for the community members to participate in. This gives newbies the leverage to get answers to their questions.


Cryptocurrencytalk Quick Stats

  • Members: ~90,532
  • Posts: ~457,386
  • Topics: ~113,708

The Cryptocurrencytalk forum is simply the “source for everything crypto.” Since its creation in 2013, the platform has been dishing out the latest news, information, and discussions about everything cryptocurrency, blockchain, technology, and events to its members.

On February 24, 2018, the forum recorded its highest number of online members at 94,697. Further, this describes how busy and active the forum is on the average per day. Cryptocurrencytalk is the right place to source for advice from trusted members of the community. It provides individuals information on what crypto to mine, technical details, and new launch announcements.

Besides the forum’s amazing features, the platform provides its members and visitors with videos and eye-catching picture slides that display various topics on crypto news, articles, or crypto-related advertisements. This is an excellent way to keep cryptocurrency starters engaged and well-informed about everything crypto. 

4. Best Cryptocurrency Forums – Altcoinstalks

best cryptocurrency forums

Altcoinstalk Quick Stats

  • Members: ~49,413
  • Posts: ~736,327
  • Topics: ~118,641

Altcoinstalk forum is a member of the Sparta Ecosystem – a cryptocurrency platform that supports startups and upcoming projects. As the name suggests, it is a forum designed for discussion on altcoins. However, it’s not restricted to that. Different subforums are there for non-crypto related discussions. 

Altcoinstalk even provided a separate section for ‘women in crypto’ as well as the ‘Local’ category, which is designed to accommodate people that speaks different languages. There is a ‘Cryptocurrency Ecosystem’ specifically for discussions on altcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

5. Cryptorum

best cryptocurrency forums

Cryptorum Quick Stats

  • Members: ~4,335
  • Posts: ~12,697
  • Topics: ~5,805

Although, with less than 5,000 members, Cryptorum is an upcoming star ready to shine and stamp its foot among the best cryptocurrency forums in the crypto industry. 

Like other forums, Cryptorum aims to discuss essential subjects on cryptocurrency. Since it’s a new kid on the block, the Cryptorum forum still struggles to have hyperactive members when compared to other platforms. As it gains popularity, though, it is expected that more people will join in the conversation to make it more lively.

There, new users can introduce themselves to the community and get an extensive knowledge base about the cryptocurrency industry. One can see the current market prices of major cryptocurrencies since keeping up with current prices is vital to stay relevant.

Similar to Reddit, the forum’s layout does not have specific topic threads on the main screen. It, however, has a list of the most recent posts. Of course, you can find that all too familiar forum set up on the forums tab, located at the top of the page.

6. BitcoinForum

best cryptocurrency forums

Bitcoinforum Quick Stats

  • Members: ~19,354
  • Posts: ~48,017
  • Topics: ~18,549

Bitcoin forum is an active forum associated with bitcoin.org. There are dedicated sections exclusively designed for bitcoin, but which also features discussions on Bitcoin mining, news, press hits, development & technical review, gossips, scandals, projects, among others.

There is also a separate section for Altcoins, where every day, over 2,000 visitors, on the average, can talk about altcoins announcement, projects, mining, tokens, ICOs, and more.

Masters of Crypto

best cryptocurrency forums

Masters of Crypto Quick Stats

  • Members: ~5,525
  • Posts: ~100,467
  • Topics: ~84,208

Though, still, a newly established forum, Masters of crypto, has emerged as one of the best cryptocurrency forums open to anyone interested in learning, buying, or trading cryptocurrency. The platform is designed in such a user-friendly way that it doesn’t matter if the individual is just starting with cryptocurrency or an advanced blockchain developer. Therefore, the forum has become one of the biggest forum within blockchain today.

The forum has a separate training section designed for beginners, intermediate, and experts, giving them free guides on bitcoin and cryptocurrency subjects.

Besides, the forum allows thousands of users around the world – from tech gurus, traders, entrepreneurs, working professionals, to full-time crypto visionaries – to connect and help new members learn more about various crypto topics. Generally, topics discussed range from bitcoin news, ICOs, crypto mining, and more.

Crypto Compare

best cryptocurrency forums

CryptoCompare quick stats

  • The bitcoin sector hosts 73,700 members
  • Has 4,230 other coin sectors

The cryptocurrency sector of the Crypto Compare forum is a social gateway to the entire crypto world. The platform displays a detailed view of live streaming events on a wide variety of crypto prices, charts, and analysis from all top crypto and bitcoin exchanges.

There, a comparison chart is shown between exchanges, mining equipment, mining contracts, and wallets. Users can choose their profile through a coin forum, an exchange forum, and the latest posts to have a detailed review of them all and also help other community members on things they need to know about the cryptocurrency world.

It is also the ideal platform for crypto noobs to find helpful guides in navigating their way around anything cryptocurrency. To sum up, Crypto compare is a great forum witin the crypto world.


There are several similarities in the way cryptocurrency forums operate and are structured, and with the ultimate goal of educating their community on things relating to bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market.

While some of these forums are created exclusively for bitcoin and general cryptocurrency matters, a few others have spiced their site up with non-crypto related topics. As a result, this would attract the interest of a wide variety of individuals.

At the moment, Bitcointalk stands tall and is, by far, the largest and the most influential forum regarding cryptocurrencies. There are nearly 3 million posts up, at the time of this posting by approximately 1,5million members. That’s not all. There are also over 20 foreign language sub-forums to learn from.

If you’re just starting in the exciting journey of cryptocurrencies, then you can find all the resources pulled out here to be a gold mine of information, just as long as you put the needed time to explore them. 

On the final note, the best cryptocurrency forums are determined by the relevance of information shared, interactivity, and active participation of community members.

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