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best blockchain news sites

When it comes to the best blockchain news sites, several platforms seem to be jumping into the pool and making strong claims. However, in this article, we present you with the most reliable and comprehensive sites for reading the best blockchain and cryptocurrency news.

1. CoinDesk

best blockchain news sites

Well, this website tops the search results whenever you try to read anything related to the blockchain industry. Adding more to your surprise, it was rolled out in 2003, way before the creation of Bitcoin.

Firstly, it is worth noticing that CoinDesk is not only focused on writing news articles. In fact, they engage a major portion of the audience by creating newsletters, podcasts, videos and posting updates on social media handles as well. To put simply, their staff knows how to use the modern and most engaging mediums in the industry to create quality content.

Secondly, they do not only talk about popular blockchain news or major cryptocurrencies. In fact, CoinDesk does take interest in news-worthy updates happening across the industry.

Moreover, they have also earned a decent reputation for introducing the Bitcoin Price Index, which shows the average BTC value across all operational exchanges.

2. Toshi Times

best blockchain news sites
One of the best blockchain news sites

So, this is relatively a young venture, but the way Toshi Times covers a wide array of topics is quite commendable. For instance, the website is divided into various sections, including:

  1. Guides
  2. Forum
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Ethereum
  5. Ripple
  6. Cardano
  7. Blockchain
  8. Exchanges

Hence, if you look at their content, you would notice that it is absolutely unbiased and the writers are trying to bring a clear picture of different topics, the underlying technologies and their impact on our lives as end-users.

3. CoinTelegraph

Well, they entered the business just when the millennials started getting hyped about the Bitcoin in 2013. However, the website now covers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and several other altcoins.

What’s even more exciting is their press release section is quite popular in the niche as it frequently discloses the latest and robust features of the budding ventures. As a result, investors can tap on such opportunities and multiply their wealth by pouring in the money at the right time.

Moreover, it should also be noted that their content is available in an array of languages, including Japanese, English, Spanish and even Serbian as well.

4. CCN

best blockchain news sites

Basically, CCN happens to be a sub-venture of a Norwegian media company and they have established a very decent reputation in the industry. Just like most of the best blockchain news sites, they cover the industry from a broad angle.

Apart from highly curated content related to the industrial blockchain updates, CCN also features cryptocurrency news, Ethereum, and Bitcoin in particular.

Well, another great feature for attracting geeks is that they offer market cap information, present a comprehensive ICO calendar and have plenty of other resources as well where newbies and small scale investors can take a major benefit.

5. Null TX

Cryptocurrency & blockchain news sites

So, they have come up with probably the most appealing and intriguing name in the crypto and blockchain news sector. Primarily, they have a keen focus on cryptocurrencies, the popular ones in particular (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Furthermore, it is worth noticing that Null TX lays emphasis on offering an ‘educational style’ content. Therefore, if you happen to be a newbie and are not quite aware of the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies, then Null TX can really help you out.

Apart from that, they also have a financial section, updating the readers as to how they can make money in the niche while utilizing cryptocurrencies to their maximum potential.

Well, if you are more tech-oriented and are willing to have hands-on experience, Null TX even teaches you to create your very own cryptocurrency!

Recently, they have also added a wealth of articles related to other trending technologies as well, including Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, biotechnology, Machine Learning, VR and many more.

6. TodayOnChain

Well, TodayOnChain is more like a One-Stop Place for crypto enthusiasts as it crawls the top news outlets in the niche, gathers all the popular content and then shows the articles on its own website. Therefore, you do not have to visit different sites and can read everything by visiting TodayOnChain.

However, it is worth mentioning that the content remains the property of the platform where the news was posted originally.

Just to clue you in, following is a list of some of the best blockchain news sites from which they fetch the content:

  1. Forbes
  2. CNBC
  3. CCN
  4. CoinTelegraph
  5. CoinDesk

7. NewsBTC

So, just like some of the best crypto news sites in the niche these days, they were also launched in 2013 with a primary focus to educate the internet users regarding Bitcoin. Furthermore, they were also quite keen to let the readers know about its impact on our daily lives and how this invention paves the way for many futuristic use cases.

Recently, they have started including a plethora of content regarding several ICOs, altcoins, popular and upcoming blockchain projects and updates about regulatory frameworks in the world.

Moreover, NewsBTC has also started covering some popular technologies other than blockchain and cryptocurrencies, including Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and plenty more.

8. Bitcoinist

Well, they have earned their credibility, ranking, and fame because of the very name. So, as you must have guessed, Bitcoinist is one of the most popular news websites for Bitcoin-related information. However, they do cover the entire blockchain technology and other use cases as well.

It is also worth noticing that they have one of the largest audiences in the industry, as well over 2 million readers visit Bitcoinist every month. Furthermore, the team is also quite reliable in terms of knowledge and authenticity of the news and every article is vetted by experienced editors before getting published.

Lastly, they also feature an entire section for offering technical price analysis, valuable insights about the overall industry happenings and community events as well.

9. CryptoSlate

So, if we compare this venture with most of the news outlets discussed in this article, then CryptoSlate is quite a new one as it was rolled out in 2017 by two tech entrepreneurs. Therefore, when you read the articles, you will see that the style is a bit different from the rest of the mainstream news outlets.

However, their coverage is quite similar to the one offered by Bitcoinist as they talk about the following:

  1. Crypto news
  2. Blockchain news
  3. Crypto and blockchain-related products
  4. Coin prices
  5. Jurisdictions
  6. FinTech events

So, if you look at it, their motive is to update the general public about the happenings in crypto and blockchain domains by opting for a very precise tone.

10. Bitcoin Magazine

Initially, pretty much every news site started and gained popularity by focusing on Bitcoin but sooner or later, most of them diversified the content. However, Bitcoin Magazine has remained very particular from the very beginning as they only talk about Bitcoin. Even if they publish a blockchain-oriented article, its primary aim is to elaborate the underlying architecture and technology of Bitcoin, not to talk about other generic use cases (e.g. FinTech, healthcare, etc.).

Moreover, since this venture was started by Ethereum’s founder, Bitcoin Magazine is one of the best cryptocurrency news sites. Especially, if you are seeking expert analysis, BM has no competitors.

11. Subreddits

So, if you love surfing the web, you must already be aware that Reddit is a news aggregation platform, mainly popular for hosting some of the most technical and informal discussions. Just to set the perspective here, please note that all of the discussions and posts regarding a particular topic are nested inside a ‘subreddit’ (aka category).

For instance, if you want to read everything about Bitcoin on Reddit, then you need to follow the subreddit ‘r/Bitcoin’, and so on.

Even though their interface is not so great and lacks usability, the platform is indeed a mine of information on nearly every topic you could imagine.

Moreover, it happens to be a place for informal discussions where all kinds of people connect and share their perspectives on different topics. Thus, it provides a great opportunity to learn something new.


So, now that you have read all about these best blockchain news sites, we encourage you to visit them and see which one suits you the best. However, it is worth mentioning that whenever you need analysis on a particular topic, it is always a good practice to read the content on different websites and weigh the opinion of multiple writers before finally building up your perception. In case you do not like visiting all of the websites one by one, you could also surf a news aggregator like TodayOnChain and Reddit to have a flair of every news outlet before finally diving into one.

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