ExchangeRatings Story

ExchangeRatings mission

ExchangeRatings aims to be the world’s most powerful cryptocurrency exchange review platform. Moreover, ExchangeRatings will be completely free and open to all - in an effort to improve transparency and trust in the cryptocurrency exchange sector. ExchangeRatings’ key mission statement is to bring traders and exchanges together, in order to boost end-to-end transparency, and create ever-improving experiences for all involved parties. Accurate information leads to educated choices, which reduces uncertainty and risk. ExchangeRatings fulfills this mission through providing users with up-to-date information and accurate information regarding exchanges all over the world. Moreover, ExchangeRatings empowers users through giving both traders and investors the chance to rate, review, and resolve any potential issues with cryptocurrency exchanges in a transparent way. This brings discussions regarding cryptocurrency exchanges into the open for improved public scrutiny and, as a consequence, improved accountability. In addition to this, ExchangeRatings looks to bring together competent actors from all over the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. One of the founding members of ExchangeRatings is Ivan on Tech, one of the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain YouTube channels, and a notable industry figure.

Why is ExchangeRatings needed?

ExchangeRatings is the brainchild of the Sweden-based firm Stockholm Blockchain Group. Stockholm Blockchain Group focuses on educating, advising and implementing blockchain technology for various companies and institutions. ExchangeRatings was born in 2019, from the notion that the burgeoning cryptocurrency exchange sector faces a serious challenge. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are designed specifically to provide improved transparency and trust, many cryptocurrency exchanges can be surprisingly opaque. Trust and transparency are key underpinnings to general adoption and are, therefore, critical components to creating a more favorable atmosphere for cryptocurrency discussions. Fake volumes, disinformation, incomplete comparisons and biased reporting are just some of the issues facing other cryptocurrency exchange review platforms.

What is ExchangeRatings?

ExchangeRatings is the one-stop shop for anyone looking for transparent, unbiased cryptocurrency exchange ratings and reviews. Furthermore, ExchangeRatings offers an open platform heavily rooted in collaboration. This means that ExchangeRatings represents an online meeting place for both traders and investors to interact and share experiences, good and bad alike, that they’ve had whilst buying, selling or otherwise interacting with cryptocurrency - for continued improvement and the greater good. When it comes to exchanges, ExchangeRatings represents a vital hub for open dialogue, user feedback and progress - as well as a valuable channel for engaging and connecting with customers, as well as taking part of their experiences.

Who is Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech is a notable cryptocurrency and blockchain YouTuber, who has educated more than 12,000 people regarding blockchain through his blockchain academy. His videos have over 13 million total views. What’s more, Ivan on Tech has done public speaking events to over 500,000 people in over 20 different countries. Some of the most notable events include the World Economic Forum in Davis, Blockshow in Asia, the US and the EU, as well as Bloxpo. He has also spoken to major banks such as Nordea, and helped educate top corporations.

How you can help

The whole point of ExchangeRatings is users will be able to contribute and improve the site. You as a trader can leave a review about the exchanges you are using, as well as whether you are satisfied or not with a certain exchange. All opinions are extremely valuable and important for improving transparency within the community. What’s more, exchanges that believe in transparency can ask their users to review them right on ExchangeRatings.